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Golden Bay Hotel Yantai (Golden Gulf Hotel Yantai), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Le restaurant de l 'hôtel est divisé en restaurant chinois, cuisine occidentale et saveur.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Les palmiers clubs sont équipés de toutes sortes d 'installations, y compris des terrains de tennis, des gymnases, des simulations de golf, et ainsi de suite, le projet de divertissement est équipé de salles de mahjong, de sauna, de clubs de nuit et ainsi de suite, les invités ont construit une zone de loisirs et de gymnastique.Hotel de l 'EuropeDepuis l 'ouverture de l' hôtel, l 'APCE et les expositions de fruits et légumes ont été accueillis par des visiteurs chinois et étrangers.Hôtel de la gestion de pointe et de la culture d 'entreprise unique, offre aux clients des services personnalisés et affectueux, crée une image de l' hôtel 'entre la mer de montagne, Maison agréable' et de créer 'Golden Bay' marque de service.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.
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  • e00885117
    Really good sea view room, Butler service is thoughtful. recommended
  • Gong666
    Good location of the hotel, in the Yantai mountain. service is now the best part of the hotel where she lived heart. is the room was a bit small, especially after I added bed, lol.
  • muller1972
    The best hotels! business model! Location very good, right on the beach, close to the Wine Museum, the rain, the Polaris Clock Museum, Binhai road, go out, there is Yantai Hill Park. Excellent service, from front desk to medics are super professional service, attitude and efficiency class, active free car wash, a word service active, hotel experts! to Yantai accommodation the perfect choice!
  • ansell
    Services, location no pick, points; 1. the room should change recliner sofa. 2. the buffet is not flattering. Send tea set, very good
  • dulin83528
    Excellent hotel, warm and thoughtful service, highly recommended.
  • laobeide
    Hotel location perfect door is sea and square elderly sooner or later exercise is good away from dinner of Alley also not far service General for also can added bed is timely to shop has added good has but pool somewhat disappointed to has once black of turned has many bent was no people in front desk confirmed Hou again to was service but accused know water temperature only 25 degrees too cold has too cold has child is disappointed car to wash has good although later rain has does hotel breakfast881 a bit not worth under law no Honey Fried wonton pasting together bread and buns are so-so
  • gogo8
    The perfect location, ideal to visit Yantai Hotels
  • gabeng1984
    Overall stay was good, after all, on the beach, conditions are still good, a five-star level, it is worth booking. yourself out, you might consider. Eat well.
  • TracyNLee
    Right on the beach, nice, slightly older facilities, service satisfaction, next time.
  • doublelu
    Hotels in Yantai tourist coast, especially the service is first class, each boot room, is very touching. must have the opportunity to live
  • icelion
    Very good
  • fiona_prajna
    Very good.
  • e00121470
    The best hotels! model! exceptionally good location, right on the beach, close to the Wine Museum, the rain, the Polaris Clock Museum, Binhai road, go out, there is Yantai Hill Park. service, from the front desk to the medics are super professional service, attitude and efficiency class, a word service active, hotel experts! to Yantai accommodation the perfect choice!
  • cat19820418
    Rooms at this hotel have good feeling of being at home service environment
  • xtgg1021
    Hotel services are particularly good, staff polite. go out the sea, comfortable environment!
  • danle0422
    With their sons stayed this hotel for the second time. every staff is very sincere, children touched by staff in the face of the most children own a person staff warm service and respect.
    Older hotel, facilities in some old, services can also, location very good, walked a few steps is Yantai mountain. out to sea, just to the beach a bit further, to 20 minutes ' walk
  • leimomo
    Oh well, and service were very good
  • smartsun
    Location was great, very intimate, the hotel can also arrange car, at reasonable prices. worth recommending
  • laitim
    Hotel is very good
  • lollie
    Hotel by the sea, the scenery is very beautiful. services are also very good, next time will come again.
  • e00183753
    Really good hotel, right on the beach, live in the House is a great treat. service of the hotel was very good. buffet breakfast is hearty enough, want to taste the Yantai local seafood, there are lots of good restaurants around the hotel, nice, worthy of recommendation. next to Yantai will check in at this store.
  • is me
    Hotel room is not very new, but clean! great service, taxis are not very convenient!
  • bobo810919
    Two words like.
  • fionana
    Hotel was good, basic living here all the time ... but it seems to change little in the restaurant of the hotel, next to the hotel there are several restaurants well.
  • panyi7911
    Service Super, room toilet is smart, lol
  • jcyours
    Impression, and Butler service, no accidents to Yantai, lived here
  • e01277276
    First with 82 year old MOM MOM and stay in five-star hotels is very satisfied with the service of the hotel staff very attentive Butler Xiao Yang was very helpful in the care of a mother's love is a pleasant trip
  • apple870417
    Online evaluation makes I eventually selected has this hotel, was real. especially service, no said, next also will again live of. close to of is Yantai mountain attractions, feel General, artificial of things too more, and by displayed of things somewhat forced, actually inside also has Opera history of introduced, 50 Yuan of tickets think worth. out has hotel on can along Beach walking, can see Yantai locals of daily all, pretty interesting of! also has is Hirohito street of street isWorth a trip, there are restaurants, bars, coffee shops ... Very pleasant
  • cjp5200
    Provide sea view room, beautiful view of the sea.
  • linjianxiaoxi
    The hotel is very clean, right on the beach, convenient meals, stayed four days breakfast the children breakfast, though a bit high, was only 6 years old, a pity! thanks to front desk to upgrade to a suite, the wife and kids having fun, highly recommended!
  • cnsjtu
    All right
  • binairui
    Good location, comfortable and clean, will stay again.
  • E05981033
    That's good
  • ferry8118
    Well, had the opportunity to also stay, recommend!
  • Aimeeland
  • pcboy
    Second times live, also is is warm of feel, service personnel are is enthusiasm, first days live no arrangements in six floor, second days and deliberately to adjustment has room, in six floor also is mountain room, rooms Dr hope clean room Shi see has double socks also help to wash has, put in bed Shang of clothes also to stack has, wrote of letter took has photos, will upload.
  • fleex
    Good service and good
  • lijing1018
    Is the best local hotels
  • allisoncai
    Very warm, good attitude, environment is also good, satisfactory
  • roy5115
    Pretty good
  • GavinSg
    Hotel location is very good, rooms at the sea view rooms, view is great, the room was large, decorated very user friendly.
  • donnacandy
    Beautiful environment service breakfast hardware clearance
  • y262044618
    Nice environment, personalized service and let people have a feeling of being at home, will stay again.
  • bell1120
    Old hotel, season a little expensive ... but still good, good location very close to the beach
  • leeyusi
    Reviews late. location, said neither service quality. Yantai mountain scenery under. wherever convenient. rooms are sea view room with balcony facing the sea. the evening, blowing wind, ordering to the balcony of the room, food and beauty.
  • leisureboy
    In the wide sea, Yantai, in the famous mountain, the Golden Gulf Hotel I was staying. I do not have too much hope at time of reservation, or because more than 400 breakfast room rate is not high, is the recommendation of a friend of Yantai. However, the spacious lobby, good breakfast, well trained staff, warmly decorated and fully equipped rooms, passion and meticulous housekeeping, ... ..., I was really surprised. After dinner walk 1 km along the coast at night before going to bed in a wideBig tub in the bath, I comfortably spent three days in Yantai. This is a very popular hotel, I will live in the future.
  • AI monsters
    Neat and convenient business travel well
  • sealee1022
    Very good very good
  • Alisa
    OK!, after all, the old hotel. but the price was high.